Digital Offset 2.0 – LIVE With @HeidelbergUS HQ!

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We welcome your comments to the questions asked during the chat. Here is the info in its original tweet format. Please include A1, A2 etc for the Q# you are answering so we can follow along.

Thanks for your attention and now on to DIGITAL OFFSET 2.0 with our special guests @HeidelbergUS – who braved LEON to be with us!

PLEASE give them a warm Printerverse welcome for choosing US for this first-ever #print industry product launch via social media!

We’re talking SHORT RUN OFFSET & Anicolor Technology today! @HeidelbergUS is here to chat, NOT SELL & ALL opinions are welcome!

I had no idea short run OFFSET was possible. As a Print Buyer (& offset FAN!) that really sparked my interest so Im glad we made this chat happen!

Hopefully you have all downloaded your pre-chat PDF, but if not grab it now and read it after

I’m leaving time for you to ask @HeidelbergUS questions. They will follow up with any they miss during the hour. HERE WE GO!

Q1: Is digital printing killing offset?

Q2: Do you receive a lot of short run requests, and can you currently provide that service or do you pass?

Q3: This one is for @HeidelbergUS: What is Anicolor and how is it different from offset?

Q3a: @HeidelbergUS: Is any special workflow integration required for the Anicolor?

Q4: For everyone: Do you think the Anicolor will impact the industry? If yes, how?

Q5: What type of projects would be a great fit for short run offset?

Q6: Would you have a use for this type of press? See any advantages?

Q7: Do you have any questions for @HeidelbergUS? Now is the time!!!!