LIVE FROM @PitneyBowes Innovation Center

Innovation isn’t just a buzz word, it’s an expectation. How do you keep up with the technology Joneses and PUSH the marketing envelope?

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Greetings Earthlings, CMYK Enthusiasts and Citizens of The Printerverse! Welcome to our weekly #PrintChat every Wed at 4PM ET!

I’m your host and Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn – here with my chatty chat moderators @sandyhubbard and @tini_bop!

Today I am LIVE from the @PitneyBowes Innovation Center in CT with @marifer and all the awesome #PBemp ‘s!!

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Thanks for your attention! Now on to the chat portion of #PrintChat

I’m LIVE @PitneyBowes Innovation Center learning what it takes to be a WORLD CLASS INNOVATOR – from the experts!

In 2016 innovation isn’t a just buzzword it’s an expectation, and you’re either leading the pack, or following it.

#EngageOneVideo from @PitneyBowes is ONE Innovative technology everyone must check out! I’M OBSESSED!

.@PitneyBowes is also focused on reinventing #mail and is truly pushing commerce forward. The #PBsummit has been enlightening!

Today let’s focus on what makes us ALL innovative, and maybe even have a little fun!

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EVERYBODY READY???????? Don’t forget to use A1, A2 etc when answering Q1, Q2 etc!

Q1: Is innovation about reinventing the wheel, perfecting the wheel, or adjusting the wheel? Pick only ONE and state your case!

Q2: What are 3 innovative companies you admire – and why?

Q3: How is your business is innovative? How do you communicate this?

Q4: What #print and #marketing innovations are you currently keeping an eye on?

Q5: Is it better to be an early adapter of a new technology, or wait until the kinks are worked out?

Q6: What #print or #marketing innovation do you wish you invented – and why?


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