Customer Connection with Co-host Canon Solutions America

Creating a bond with customers can lead to loyalty, advocacy and more business. Learn how @Canon_Solutions creates connections and share your stories and advice.

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Customers share their experiences with @Canon_Solutions in #CanonConnection video series #inkjet

Thanks for your attention! Now on to the chat portion of #PrintChat

Speaking of #CanonConnection – @Canon_Solutions is co-hosting #PrintChat today – everyone say hello!

The #CanonConnection videos give a cool insider look into the print shop and print customers – check them out later.

#CanonConnection videos also focus on how to create and manage RELATIONSHIPS with customers – perfect topic for #PrintChat!

@Canon_Solutions: Telling the story of our customers and our connection to them is important to us, which is why we created the #CanonConnection series

@Canon_Solutions: Our customers are doing some cool things with their businesses and #print applications, & we want to showcase that! #CanonConnection

@Canon_Solutions: Excited to be here today to discuss Customer Connection and the #CanonConnection at #PrintChat!

Thanks again for joining us today @Canon_Solutions and for supporting the #print community with great info via #CanonConnection

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Q1: How do you define Customer Connection? #PrintChat #CanonConnection

Q2: Are you a Connected Customer? If yes to whom, and why? #PrintChat #CanonConnection

Q3: How do you create Customer Connection? #PrintChat #CanonConnection

Q4: How do you measure and maintain Customer Connection? #PrintChat #CanonConnection

Q5: Should “Connected Customers” be rewarded? If no, why and if yes, how? #PrintChat #CanonConnection

Q6: How can “Connected Customers” be utilized advantageously for intel about your biz, products and services? #PrintChat #CanonConnection


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