#B2B Community Building Through Social Media

With @avantisystems sharing about #AskAvanti, today’s discussion focuses on how to launch a #B2B community building initiative using #socialmedia.

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I love a good #marketing and community building initiative, especially when #socialmedia is the catalyst.

Our friends at @avantisystems recently launched #askavanti and I invited them to be our special guest today.

#AskAvanti is designed to help the #print community learn about #MIS and other related topics from Avanti and each other.

(Tweet by Avanti) Thanks for inviting us to share about #AskAvanti today. Hi everyone! 

(Tweet by Avanti) We launched #AskAvanti to grow and foster our community, and share content that answers your questions.

(Tweet by Avanti) Looking forward to learning from you, and sharing about our #AskAvanti initiative.

With @avantisystems sharing about #AskAvanti, let’s discuss how to launch a community building initiative using #socialmedia.

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EVERYBODY READY???????? Don’t forget to use A1, A2 etc when answering Q1, Q2 etc!

Q1: Beyond increasing numbers, what are tangible benefits of building a social community around your business?

Q2: Should community building success be measured by QUANTITY or QUALITY and why? Pick one, only!

Q3: How do you get your co-workers and customers to participate in community building?

Q4: How can you promote and support #socialmedia community building with #print?

Q5: What are a few examples of successful #socialmedia community building in the #print industry?

Q6: As long as we have @avantisystems here – please #askavanti something … about #MIS or for fun!

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