2017 Prognostications for The #Print Industry

It’s time to solidify our reputation as industry influencers and make our 2017 prognostications for #print and #printmedia. We’ll talk about the topics, trends, products and services on your radar for 2017.

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Q1: How will #digitalmedia BENEFIT #printmedia in 2017? Think beyond the LINK to video!

Q2: Will 2017 see a rise in #Web2Print / Digital Storefronts? Do you currently have a system in place –which one?

Q3: HOT OR NOT – Having the word PRINT in a company name? Why?

Q4: Are you purchasing and/or implementing new production related software in 2017? Looking into any?

Q5: Are you launching or promoting any NEW products and services in 2017? PLEASE Share Links!

Q6: HOT OR NOT – Cold Calling. Define it, defend it or say why it must die!

Q7: What are your prognostications for #Print and #Marketing in 2017?

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