Starting Off 2017 With Our Favorite Subject – YOU!

The lights are down, the tree is trashed, the empty bottles are recycled… it’s a #NewYear and time to get to back to work. Let’s start off 2017 with our favorite subject – YOU! What you do, who you help, and your thoughts about the #print industry

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Greetings Earthlings, CMYK Enthusiasts and Citizens of The Printerverse! Welcome to our weekly #PrintChat every Wed at 4PM ET!

I’m your host and Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn… here with my chatty chat moderator @sandyhubbard

A few announcements before we start, and PLEASE RT … if you are so inclined!

#PrintChat moves fast! Try to follow along – will be easier.

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EVERYBODY READY???????? Don’t forget to use A1, A2 etc when answering Q1, Q2 etc!

Q1: Who are you, and what do you in your current position?

Q2: In ONE tweet without links, please describe what your business does for customers.

Q2a: Please share a link to your site so the millions of people we reach each week can learn more about you!

Q3: What are the hottest growth areas for #print in 2017?

Q4: What is your advice for finding, assessing and entering new revenue channels?

Q5: What is your advice for customers on how to use #print #marketing most effectively in 2017?

Q6: What #print industry topics are you TOTALLY OVER hearing/reading/talking about?

Q7: What are your #Print Year Resolutions for 2017?

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