Strategy and Tips For #Print #Sales Success

It’s the start of the year and many of you are setting forth to win the hearts and dollars of new customers. Today let’s discuss some do’s and dont’s of prospecting, and share strategy tips for #sales success.

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Q1: What are some criteria for assessing if a potential prospect is “right” for your business? #sales

Q2: How can people find the right person to speak with when prospecting? #sales

Q3: What are some IMMEDIATE things a prospect will do after they speak with you? #sales

Q4: Based on your business, how does your company ENRICH the lives of customers? #sales

Q5: Based on your experience, what channel works best to reach prospects? YES PICK ONLY ONE – THE BEST ONE!

Q6: How many times can you reach out to a prospect before it’s too much? #sales

Q7: What is your advice for turning a HELL NO, into a HELL YES! #sales

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