Are You A Customer Service Con-Artist or Champion?

Today let’s look at how to spot a Customer Service Con Artist, and how to be a Customer Service Champion!

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I recently had a customer service NIGHTMARE with an SEO company and I had to fire them to keep my sanity.

When I first met them, they were accommodating, attentive and won my business by convincing me they could handle it.

From inept project management to missing meetings, deliverables, and lying to cover their ass – it turned into a horror.

Today let’s look at how to spot a Customer Service Con Artist, and how to be a Customer Service Champion!

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Q1: Is the customer always right? Can you tell them they are wrong – and how?

Q2: What are some indications that you are being promised more than can be delivered by a service provider?

Q3: Do you/should you provide references for potential customers?

Q4: What are the most common customer service complaints you hear about other service providers in your area of expertise?

Q5: How can businesses monitor their customer service beyond client satisfaction?

Q6: What business has provided you STELLAR customer service? Why was it exceptional?

Q7: What are 3 tips for providing champion customer service?

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