Digging Deep Into Your Customer’s Customers

 Let’s enhance relationships with our customers — and THEIR customers — through strategic research and connections!

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Here’s some background for today’s chat………  #printchat

Today we’ll discuss how to enhance relationships with our customers through strategic research and connections! #printchat

Today at #printchat we’re DIGGING DEEP on your CUSTOMER’S CUSTOMER. All are welcome to join in 4 pm ET!

If you normally refer to your direct customers as “customers,” today let’s call them “clients” to avoid confusion. #printchat

One way to be useful to your Client is to understand THEIR Customers as well as or better than they do.  #printchat

By knowing THEIR target market, you can help your clients be more successful.  #printchat

Q1: Would your clients be open to you bringing insight to them about their target market? Why or why not?  #printchat

Q2: In your business, do you have a good handle on who the customers are of your clients?  #printchat

Q3: What are ways to research more deeply your client’s customers? What info would you look for?  #printchat

Q4: Should you connect with your client’s customers directly? Why or why not?  #printchat

Q4a: How do you start a conversation with a client’s customer?  #printchat

Q5: Is there a line you shouldn’t cross with your customers or your original client?  #printchat

Q5a: Should you “dazzle” your customer’s customer or be politely impersonal? #printchat

Q6: Once you have data about their customers, do you hand it over for free, monetize it, or dole it out as a value add?  #printchat

Q7: Additional thoughts on how to make yourself more valuable to your clients by way of their customers? Warnings? #printchat

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