Helping Small Print-Related Businesses Get Social on Twitter!

For a small print biz getting on and getting the most out of Twitter can be a challenge. Let’s share our best tips and practices.

According to @hashtracking 48 contributors generated 627 tweets delivered to 3,453,686 timelines on Twitter for this #PrintChat!


Hello again! I’m guest hosting again this week. Please help me invite a big enough group for today’s topic. (Thank you!)

That’s right, tis I @sandyhubbard behind the @printchat account this week.

Welcome Print Lovers, Print Influencers, and Friends of Print to our weekly #printchat

Please invite your FAVE PERSON or COMPANY to join us for #PrintChat – EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT TODAY!

.@PrintMediaCentr is at #HID17 in Lucerne, expanding the minds of GLOBAL PRINT INFLUENCERS & BRANDS. #printchat

Please give @PrintMediaCentr and the Hunkeler #HID17 event a shout out! #printchat

Ding, ding, ding – we’re ready to start. (Please RT the announcements. Thanks!)  #printchat

Here’s where 94,490 Print + Marketing pros exchange ideas & info: #LinkedIn  #printchat

You can list your business for FREE here #printchat

FRESH opinions * CURRENT events * Posts from industry INFLUENCERS! Visit #printchat

North American print trade show #Print17 * Chicago * Sept 10-14 #printchat #graphexpo

Weeeeee, here we go! #printchat


Here’s some background for today’s chat………  #printchat

For a #printmedia small biz, getting launched on Twitter and getting the most out it can be a challenge. #printchat

Since #PrintChat attracts print + brand influencers, we have the Twitter experience to advise small businesses on this topic. 🙂

Let’s attract MORE small #print-related companies to work, network, learn and have fun on Twitter! #printchat

Don’t forget to RT the questions and answer with the appropriate A1, A2, A3, etc. #printchat

Remember, please answer as if you are luring a small print-related biz — or ANY small business — to Twitter.

Q1: What would you tell a small print-related biz about the usefulness of Twitter for your business or personal brand? #printchat

Q2: What would you tell a small #print-related biz about how to find time to “do Twitter”? #printchat

Q3: Should a small #print-related biz owner be the person behind the tweets or can someone else do it? #printchat

Q4: As far as etiquette for small biz owners getting started on Twitter, what are do’s + don’ts? #printchat

Q5: Which affordable tools can a small biz use to post, engage and measure? (And what should they measure?) #printchat

Q6: For a small #print-related biz, what are examples of what “success” could look like on Twitter? #printchat

Q7: How can a small #print-related business “compete” with bigger companies on Twitter? #printchat

Q8: Which resources should a #print-related small biz use for getting up to speed or mastering Twitter? #printchat

Q9: Any final ways to attract small #print-related businesses (or any small businesses) to Twitter? #printchat

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