#PrintChat’s 5-Year Chatversary Party!

It’s PMC’s 5TH ANNIVERSARY hosting #PrintChat!!

THANK YOU ALL – chatters, lurkers, guest hosts, co-hosts… and our chatty chat moderator @sandyhubbard for #PrintChat’s success!!! It’s been a true honor to serve the #print community and be part of OPEN KNOWLEDGE SHARING through our weekly #PrintChat

THANK YOU! …for taking time out of your week and joining us here, for your #Print Love and LOYALTY to our industry! Today in celebration of out 5th Chatversay – lets take a look back 5 years, a look ahead 5 years, and have a little fun!

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Greetings Earthlings, CMYK Enthusiasts and Citizens of The Printerverse! Welcome to our weekly #PrintChat every Wed at 4PM ET!

I’m your host and Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn… here with my chatty chat moderator @sandyhubbard

A few announcements before we start, and PLEASE RT … if you are so inclined!

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Thanks for your attention! Now on to the chat portion of #PrintChat

It’s PMC’s 5TH ANNIVERSARY hosting #PrintChat!!

Today in celebration of out 5th Chatversay – lets take a look back 5 years, a look ahead 5 years, and have a little fun!

PLEASE RT THE CHAT QUESTIONS! Engage with your followers, help expand our community – It’s good for #print and good for you!

Please do not send links into #PrintChat, we lose momentum. Chatters quoting tweets we forgive you in advance!

EVERYBODY READY???????? Don’t forget to use A1, A2 etc when answering Q1, Q2 etc!

One our first #PrintChat topics in 2012 was centered around PROOFING.

Q1: How has proofing changed in the last 5 years? How will (or should) proofing evolve in the next 5 years?

In 2013 I held a “Back to School Print Quiz” – here is a question from it:

Q2: How many BINDING methods can you name?

In 2014 we held a very lively #Print as a “Craft vs Commodity” #PrintChat

Q3: PICK ONE (yes, just one) and state your case… Is #Print a Craft or a Commodity?

Q3a: OK, for a little fun … now state your case for the other side… Is #Print a Craft or a Commodity?

Our annual #Halloween #Print Horror Stories is one of my favorites at #PrintChat. Next Q is from 2015:

Q4: From start to finish, what is the longest time you spent on ONE project, and why… Did you cry to your Mummy about it?

In 2016 we had a discussion about Value Propositions during #PrintChat

Q5: Should businesses have one overall value proposition for their services, or as many as needed? How do you decide?

Now for our 2017 question… it’s GIVE-BACK time… get your links ready!!!

Q6: Who are you? What do you and your company, do? HOW CAN WE FIND YOU (site/social channels)

Q7: Look into your crystal balls… in 5 years which #print technologies will be most important for success?

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