Unlocking the Power of Higher-Value Communications with Pitney Bowes

This #PrintChat was hosted by @PitneyBowes – Follow them and be on the lookout for their #PowerOfPrecision chats!

According to @hashtracking 53 contributors generated 789 tweets delivered to 5,846,431 timelines on Twitter for this #PrintChat!

Q1: How has the print and mail industry changed over the last 5 years?

Q2: What does a higher-value communication piece look like today?

Q3: How are you leveraging data and technology like mobile to enhance print communications?

Q4: What is the business impact of personalized/targeted communications?

Q5: What has been the impact of inkjet? Any innovative applications you are using inkjet for?

Q6: Looking ahead 5 years, how will the print and mail industry continue to evolve?

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