#NationalSmallBusinessWeek: How PRINT can contribute to small biz success

Since 1963, the U.S. has celebrated #NationalSmallBusinessWeek. Today, let’s let small businesses know how PRINT can contribute to their success. Hosted by @SandyHubbard

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This week is #NationalSmallBusinessWeek  #printchat April 30 – May 6, 2017

If you have room to include the #NationalSmallBusinessWeek hashtag, please do.

Since 1963, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has celebrated #NationalSmallBusinessWeek #printchat

Although it is a U.S.-driven event, let’s celebrate small biz / entrepreneurs around the world. #printchat

Today, let’s let small businesses know how PRINT can contribute to their success. #printchat

Q1. What’s the best thing about small businesses and small biz owners?

Not everyone markets to small biz, but we may have suppliers and influencers who run small businesses. Use your best knowledge to answer.

Q2. Which do you think is most important to small biz about working with print providers: TRUST, AFFORDABILITY or RESULTS? Why?

Q3. Among your prospects, suppliers or influencers who are small biz, who is hardest to sell the IDEA of using print to, and why?

Let’s give small businesses a snapshot of what #print can do for them! #NationalSmallBusinessWeek  #printchat

Q4. What is the ONE thing you wish small biz knew about print?

Q4A. What is one small, easy decision small businesses can make about using print?

Q5. We’re the experts! What are the best ways to reach and inform small biz about the power of print?

Q6. What is your best personal or work-related success story about the power of print? (It’s ok to use links)

Q7. From this discussion, are you thinking about creating special offers for small or local businesses?

Q8. BONUS: List your favorite small businesses that you just like doing business with or that you personally buy from.

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