Getting Personal in the Grocery Store with Print!

Are there MISSED opportunities for #print in Grocery Stores? Is money being spent wisely? Let’s DISCUSS! Guest hosts @PaulBobnak and @PIConnects

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Our topic: Getting Personal in the Grocery Store with #Print!

Are there MISSED opportunities for #print in Grocery Stores? Is money being spent wisely? Let’s discuss!!

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Q1: What cool ways can you use #print to give your store exposure before the grand opening?

Q2: At the opening, how can #print be used to create a meaningful & fun experience for shoppers?

Q3: What are some ways that #digital can be incorporated with #print to make it special and personal?

Q4: What kind of #packaging can make your store brand stand out to the customer?

Q5: Going forward, how can you use #print to keep your customers engaged & loyal?

Q6: What’s your favorite summer food?

Q7: What would be a cool grocery store name?

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