Do You Have an Awards Strategy? Live from @PIconnects #GoldInk Judging

Greetings from @PIconnects #GoldInk Award Judging! Got me thinking about whether or not printers have an award strategy… Let’s discuss!

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Greetings from Philly! I’m at @PIConnects judging the #GoldInk Awards – we finished today.

There were some great entries. Overall #GoldInk submissions were high quality and consideration worthy.

I didn’t expect to see a subdued printing trend and more natural papers over special effects and supped-up inks. Maybe next year.

Most shocking was a shortage of folded carton #packaging from commercial printers. I expected tons of it. I know it’s out there!

That got me thinking about whether or not printers have an award strategy! Let’s discuss that today.

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Q1: Do you place any value or prestige on #print industry awards? Which ones?

Q2. Do customers value when their service providers win industry awards? What is the benefit for the company?

Q3.  How can you turn winning an award into a marketing promotion? What is the message?

Q4: How can you turn winning an award into a sales promotion? What is offer?

Q5: How can you turn winning an award into an educational opportunity for customers?

Q6: How can you turn winning and award into a HASHTAG?

Q7: How can you turn winning and award into a video and/or blog series?