How Do You Stand Out From The Supplier Crowd?

Your customer’s view of what you do is crowded and distracting. Let’s talk about ways to help YOU stand out! #printchat TODAY 4 pm ET. Guest host: @SandyHubbard

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We need to evaluate on a regular basis what we are doing to stand out, and adjust accordingly if we’re not. #printchat

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Promoting ourselves and our companies cannot be a random activity. Let’s make sure we’re intentional about how we want to stand out. #printchat

Q1: HOW do you think most people find your company? #printchat

Q1a: Do you track how people find you? Do you make the most of that information? #printchat

Q2: WHY do most people contact your company? #printchat

Q2a: Does that “WHY” info stand out on your channels and on your website? #printchat

Q3: How do you choose which media and channels to communicate with customers? #printchat

Q3a: Do you stand out in those places? Why? Why not? #printchat

Q4: What are your VALUES that attract customers? How are they communicated? Do they stand out? #printchat

Q5: What are 3 reasons customers should choose your company over the competition? #printchat

Q6: Name 3 “stand out” reasons to do business with YOU (individually) regardless of which company you are at? #printchat

Q7: What is your BEST ADVICE for how to stand out from the crowd? #printchat

Q8: Please share links to your site, and all relevant connection info! #printchat

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