Sharing Your Best Business Advice with Business Owners

Today we are going to share our best business advice with business owners in our global community. Guest host @SandyHubbard

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Next month I’m presenting to a group of business owners. They want to hear from the #printchat community on your BEST business advice!

They especially want to hear from chatters and businesses around the world. #printchat

You can be print-specific or just talk about general business. You don’t have to be a biz owner to give advice. #printchat

Q1. Printing businesses thrive on efficiency. What advice do your recommend on time savings, workflow or efficiency? #printchat

Q2. The printing industry is a long and lasting one. What has printing taught you about how to run a business over the long term? #printchat

Q3. Change is inevitable. What has the printing industry taught you about how to adapt in business? #printchat

Q4. Is there a guru or leader in the printing industry who offered you good advice or has been a good role model? #printcha

Q5. What has the printing industry taught you about networking, business groups and industry associations? #printchat

Q6. If a business needs to learn about marketing their business with print, where should they turn? #printchat

Q7. Hindsight is 20-20. If you had to do your business career again, what would you do differently? #printchat

Q8. Who’s on your radar as being a great company? Give a shout out to a local or national business you admire and support! #printchat

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