#printchat chatter


…I just watched and became amazed that out of 140 character comments, an actual conversation emerges where opinions are expressed and ideas exchanged. Better yet, contacts for further connections are initiated. Printing Industries of America 

…#printchat is a virtual meet-up with print-professionals that takes place every Wednesday. Dscoop went out to see who is behind #printchat and to show our members how it works. Peter van Teeseling, Director EMEA Digital Solutions Cooperative

…It came as no surprise to me that when the @Xerox Twitter handle had the pleasure of hosting an August 21st hour-long Twitter #PrintChat, the end result was a dazzling display of insights and perspectives…. Its foundational ingredients are all so good; a renowned forum, a rock-solid participant community, and an industry so passionate about their craft; it had all the makings of a winning recipe. Bill Michael eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

…The phenomenon that is today’s social media has spawned a number of groups on Twitter but #printchat is one that brings a collective wrap to people in the printing industry worldwide… it is not always that serious but you do get some surprising contributions, good ideas and a sense of an international print community. You will also pick up a lot of extra followers on Twitter if you are participating in the chats. Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

…#PrintChat will always be a fun and engaging way to connect with respected market leaders and learn from them, without a sales pitch or pressured sale. It’s a warm safe place to flock to on a Humpday Wednesday afternoon. Ondine, EVP, BestBuzz 

…Print Media Centr is not only a go-to source for industry news, resources, and integrated marketing strategies but a place to find printing-related humor and fun articles. Use the #PrintChat hashtag to join in the conversation Wednesdays at 4PM EST. Vladimir Gendelman, Founder & CEO, Company Folders

…A final (and important) mention is Print Media Centr. Their website is a compendium of information, references, posts, and articles. Print Media Centr also sponsors #printchat, an online Twitter discussion that happens Wednesday each week at 4:00 PM Eastern. You should try #printchat, at least once. This conversation draws an international crowd that loves print. The mechanics can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated Twitteratus, but the discussion stream is witty, mostly intelligent, and always entertaining. Richard Dannenberg, Owner, DP Marketing Services

…This is a weekly discussion held on Twitter at 4pm ET (that’s 9pm for us Brits).  It is hosted by Deborah Corn @printmediacentr. I logged on to my first one recently. I instantly found a series of thought-provoking questions.  I also made some great new connections in the industry. It’s well worth the time spent on this online discussion. Matthew Parker, Founding Director of Profitable Print Relationships

…Use Twitter. It’s a powerful tool for marketing. It requires little content and it’s very easy to reach a large targeted audience. It can be an effective way to start conversations and is yet another way to reach people you had no access to in the past. #printchat every Wednesday at 4PM ET is a great source of knowledge for this. Patrick Whelan, President, Great Reach Communications Inc. –

…If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat, you’re missing out. Each chat has a wide range of industry experts discussing weekly subtopics that after an hour you leave inspired with new ideas, having learned something new, and likely have a smile on your face. #PrintChat occurs every Wednesday at 4 PM EST and the network you can build from this chat alone is highly influential. Christine Alexander, Creative Squirrel Studio