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Who/What To Follow?

It all starts with the hashtag #PrintChat. In order to participate in the chat, your tweets must include #PrintChat to be seen in the stream. In order to watch the chat, you need to do a search for #PrintChat in Twitter, or use a platform that will allow you to segment those tweets into a list, or chatroom. I have provided some options below.

#PrintChat starts at 4PM ET every Wednesday, but there is a constant flow of great information and networking in the stream at all times. @PrintChat is used to send out topics and post the chat questions.

#PrintChat is hosted by Intergalactic Ambassador Deborah Corn @PrintMediaCentr, Sandy Hubbard @sandyhubbard serves as #PrintChat’s chatty moderator. Following us is your best bet to stay up to date on all things chat related. 

How To Join The Fun!

#PrintChat takes place every Wednesday from 4 – 5 PM ET. Since we are a global chat, here is a Time Zone Converter to figure out when it starts for where you are.

All you need is a Twitter account and a device to participate. There are a few platforms that make viewing this very active stream easier, and certainly more organized.  and TweetChat are viable options.

Click into the platforms, search #PrintChat, and sites will create a dedicated page to view the stream. They will also automatically place “#PrintChat” into the tweets you send from there. Test them out, and see which works best for you.

If by some chance you can’t connect to those sites or they are down, any Twitter aggregation tool (Hootsuite, TweetDeck) that allows you to create a stream or channel would be the next best option, and of course you can always do a search on Twitter for #printchat and follow from there. If you need help with any of this, let us know!