sponsored chats

What is a sponsored chat?

A sponsored chat is NOT a tweetfomercial, or an hour devoted to harking products and services. It is an opportunity to connect with the print and integrated marketing community, have your information and thought leadership reach million of timelines, and share information on relevant topics.

Print Media Centr (PMC) will work with you to develop a #PrintChat topic and chat questions that are community friendly and within your knowledge and experience wheelhouse. You will participate during the chat as a co-host, and help frame the conversation before the chat starts. Your sponsored chat will be promoted starting 2 weeks prior at #PrintChat, and through PMC’s channels. That promotion can include links to relevant information on your site, or as directed.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsored chats, or #PrintChat sponsorship please get in touch: deborah@printmediacentr.com

Chat Long and Prosper!